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BooTunes AMPED
BooTunes AMPED

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    BooTunes AMPED

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    - 50 watt Class-D Amp
    - Four trigger inputs
    - Multiple operating modes

    The BooTunes Amped is a feature-packed MP3 player with a built-in 50 watt class-D amplifier. It can be set to play any number of sounds from its 4 triggers, loop sounds on power-up, interrupt those to play an emergency message triggered by an actor or sensor, the list goes on. Try doing that with an iPod or CD player!

    Amplifier & Mixer Input

    For maximum sound quality and power efficiency, the BooTunes Amped harnesses the power of a 50 watt Class D stereo amplifier. The mixer input allows you to take advantage of the internal amplifier for other line-level audio you may need amplified as well.

    To realize the full power of the amplifier you must use a 24 volt power supply capable of supplying 2.5 amps or more.


    Fill your SD card with as many sounds as you want and the BooTunes Amped will start pumping them out. If you want the sounds to play in a certain sequence then just name the files appropriately. No need to copy them to the card in a certain order.

    Need great audio quality? The Amped can play any MP3 file up to 256kbps. If you need to connect to an external amplifier you can use the 3.5mm stereo line-out.

    DMX Compatible

    BooTunes and BooBoxes can be easily chained together using DMX to have them trigger the same scenes simultaneously. Using the DMX connection means you don't have to waste the BooBox's outputs to trigger additional audio channels.

    A BooTunes can even be set to act as a DMX master, triggering other BooTunes units at the same time it's triggered.

    Trigger Inputs

    Each of the four optically-isolated inputs can be set to play a sound, loop a sound, sequence through a folder of sounds, cancel a sound, or ramp the volume. If triggered during playback, sounds can be set to interrupt the current sound or to ignore the trigger completely. Trigger pre and post delays are also available to optimize timing.

    Options Galore

    Set some inputs to fade when interrupted, pause playback, or duck the volume so you can make an announcement. There's a bunch of options available so you can customize the BooTunes Amped behavior to your needs. And there's no dip switches to fiddle with, all settings and options are easily changed by just creating folders with special names.

    Some Option Examples
    _RNDRandom Playback - This option can be added to any INPUT folder if you want the BooTunes to pick a random sound when the input is triggered.
    _RESUME#Ambient Resume - This option tells the BooTunes Amped to resume the ambient sound at the point it was interrupted, rather than starting a new sound from the beginning. The # value specifies the fade rate in seconds to fade back into the sound.
    _FADINT#Fade on Interrupt - Cause the currently playing sound to fade out over # seconds, rather than end abruptly, if interrupted.
    _PRDLY#Trigger Pre-Delay - Delay # seconds before playing sounds from a particular input.
    _PODLY#Trigger Post-Delay - Once a sound completes, ignore its trigger input for # seconds to prevent additional sounds in the same folder from playing too quickly.
    Next and Previous Track - Turns the input into a next or previous track control.
    Interruptible Inputs - Sets the input to allow interrupts from other inputs or it's own input.
    _SLAVESlave Mode - This option will set the BooTunes Amped to act as a DMX slave to another BooTunes or BooBox.
    _DMX###DMX Slave - This option sets the BooTunes Amped to a generic DMX mode, and sets the DMX channel to ###.

    Mounting Options

    The BooTunes Amped enclosure has sturdy mounting flanges for easy mounting to control boards or cabinets. If you're also mounting other controllers, or would like to mount the BooTunes Amped to DIN rail, we've got you covered. The BooTunes Amped snaps into standard 2.75" SnapTrack to easily mount devices side by side. Add some DIN Rail Clips if you'd like to mount the SnapTrack to standard 35mm DIN rail.

    Read our blog post on mounting options for more information.

    Firmware Upgradable

    As with most of our other products, the BooTunes Amped is completely firmware upgradeable. Stay up to date with the latest features simply by downloading the latest firmware free from our website.

    Downloads and Documentation


    Quick Start Guide      Download
    Operating Manual      Download


    Firmware and SD Card Template      Download
    More Information
    Amplifier 50 watt Class D
    Audio Storage SD Card
    Audio Quality MP3
    DMX Compatible Yes
    Inputs 4
    Supply Current 50mA - 2.5A
    Supply Voltage 9-24 VDC
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