1. Removing ID3 Tags

    Removing ID3 Tags

    If you are hearing strange sounds when your MP3 file starts playing, try removing the ID3 tags or re-saving the MP3 file without this data.

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  2. ServoDMX now supports 16-Bit DMX

    ServoDMX now supports 16-Bit DMX

    We've recently added 16-bit DMX channel support to the ServoDMX.  This is a free firmware release available on our support page.

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  3. Capturing DMX with a Flex or FlexMax

    Capturing DMX with a Flex or FlexMax

    Do you prefer to author your show using professional DMX hardware or software?  You can now capture a DMX stream from any DMX source and make it part of your show in Director.

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  4. Using a Flex/FlexMax as a Slave

    Using a Flex/FlexMax as a Slave

    Note that this is the old way to add slaves to a show.  Director now handles slaves automatically when you add a Flex or FlexMax to a show.  Inputs on the slaves can also be used in the Master show.  The only reason to use this article would be if you want the slave to play audio along with the master.

    Need more outputs?  Learn how to slave additional Flexes or FlexMaxes to your show by setting them into Slave Mode.  This allows you to program all the animation in a single show and have it all stored on the master controller.

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  5. Pick and Place Machine

    Pick and Place Machine

    Most of the time we sub-contract our circuit board assembly out to local assembly companies.  The populated boards then come back to us for final assembly where they are inspected, programmed, and tested.  That said, there are some situations where it's nice to be able to run boards in-house.

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  6. Director Effects

    Director Effects

    We've posted some tutorial videos showing how to use the new effects options in our Director software. The effects can be used to create lighting effects, sync mouth movement to a vocal track, or to create simple movements. Read on for more details and a video demonstration of each effect.

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