1. Shown with included bracket and wire

    PIR Motion Sensor (White)


    Our most popular sensor!
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  2. Beam Sensor

    Beam Sensor


    Our most accurate sensor.
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  3. Diffuse Beam Sensor

    Diffuse Beam Sensor


    No Reflector Requried
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  4. Wireless Trigger (2 Outputs)

    Wireless Trigger (2 Outputs)


    Out of stock

    Remotely trigger up to two devices
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  5. Wireless Trigger (4 Outputs)

    Wireless Trigger (4 Outputs)


    Remotely trigger up to four devices
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  6. Remote and Base

    Premium Wireless Trigger


    Control up to 4 props from 500 feet away.
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  7. Premium Wireless Transmitter

    Premium Wireless Transmitter


    Extra transmitter for our Premium Wireless Trigger.
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  8. Hand Trigger

    Hand Trigger


    Manually trigger your scare for perfect timing.
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  9. Foot Switch

    Foot Switch


    Trigger a scare manually with no hands!
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