Replacement Parts

Replacements for lost of broken parts
  1. AC Power Cable

    AC Power Cable


    AC Power Cable
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  2. Solid-State Driver Chip

    Solid-State Driver Chip


    Extra driver chip for your BooBox Flex, FlexMax, or BooBox 8's solid-state outputs.
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  3. Bottom

    AC Relay Pack Cable


    LC-4SP or LC-8SP Relay Pack Adapter
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  4. BooBox Mini Programmer

    BooBox Mini Programmer


    Replacement Real-Time Programmer for the BooBox Mini.
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  5. BooBox Input Connector

    BooBox Input Connector


    Replacement BooBox input connector and cable.
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  6. Terminal Blocks

    Terminal Blocks

    As low as: $2.99

    Replacement Terminal Block connectors in various sizes.
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  7. CAT5 Cable

    CAT5 Cable

    As low as: $9.99

    Connect CAT5 DMX devices together or replace your ScareMaster cable. Available in 10 and 25 foot lengths.
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  8. Phoenix Terminal Blocks

    Phoenix Terminal Blocks

    As low as: $1.49

    Terminal Blocks for our Flex and FlexMax
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