Solid-State Driver Chip

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Extra driver chip for your BooBox Flex, FlexMax, or BooBox 8's solid-state outputs.

Solid-state outputs are extremely reliable when used correctly, but they will burn out if they're shorted out or wired wrong. This is the chip that's used inside our original BooBox Flex, FlexMax and BooBox 8's (none of the current models). The chips are mounted in sockets, so the old one can be easily removed and replaced, no soldering necessary.

NOTE: The newer Flex and FlexMax models with "High Current solid-state outputs" do not need this chip.

Did I Blow My Chip?

  • If some or all of your outputs turn on and don't turn off your chip is blown.
  • If none of your outputs turn on yet everything else seems to be working fine, your chip is blown.
  • If you saw smoke and your controller smells funny, your chip is definitely blown.

Part Number: ULN2803A
Package: 18 Pin DIP

If this is all you're buying ...

There are cheaper places to buy these. We cannot compete with the shipping costs of high-volume shippers. If you buy these chips from one of retailers below you'll get them cheaper and faster. We've also linked to a tool that makes it easier to remove the chips.

Digi-Key (ships out of Minnesota)
Part: ULN2803A
Removal Tool: EX-1 (Optional)

Mouser (ships out of Texas)
Chip: ULN2803A
Removal Tool: EX-1 (Optional)


Solid-State Chip Replacement

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