Cat6A Slim Cables

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CAT6 cables used for RJ45 DMX connectors, ScareMaster and Director Connect.

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Cat6A Slim Cables
Cat6A Slim Cables

In stock



    These cables are used to connect our ScareMaster and Director Connect to the controller.

    They are also used to link DMX devices with RJ45 connectors together.  For example, our Flex 2 has an RJ45 DMX output.  To connect it to a DMX fixture you will need one of these cables, as well as an RJ45 to XLR Adapter.

    These cables are very thin so they are easy to run and do not strain the connectors on the controllers.  Do NOT use standard Cat6 cables as they can be thick and stiff.  Use either standard Cat5e or Cat6A slim cables.

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