RJ45 to 3P XLR Female Adapter

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Convert from RJ45 DMX to 3 Pin XLR DMX Output.

This is a standard RJ45 to Female XLR 3 Pin Adapter.  Use this in combination with any CAT5e/6A cable to connect an RJ45 DMX output to the 3 pin XLR input of a DMX fixture.

Standard 3P XLR DMX connectors are large.  Incorporating them into small products would dramatically increase the size and cost of the product.  The XLR cables they require can also be expensive for permanent installs.

Many DMX products in permanent installs now use the RJ45 standard for DMX.  The connectors are smaller, and can be used with standard Cat5/6 cables. 

Important Note
Standard Cat6 cables are thick and can cause strain on the connectors in the controller.  Use either Cat5e or Cat6A slim cables.


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