ServoDMX now supports 16-Bit DMX

We've recently added 16-bit DMX channel support to the ServoDMX.  This is a free firmware release available on our support page.

If you need fine control of the servo’s position, and your DMX output software or controller supports 16-bit channels, you may benefit from switching to 16-bit mode. In this mode each servo requires two DMX channels, one for course position and one for fine. The 2-3 least significant bits are discarded as the internal servo pulse engine supports about 13-14 bits depending on the servo’s limits.

Even without this mode enabled the servo pulse resolution is at least 13 bits during speed and acceleration operations. It’s only your control of the final position that is improved. How much more resolution you will gain in the real-world depends on your servos. Many budget servos barely support 9 or 10 bits, regardless of what their spec sheet may claim. Your mileage may vary.

Note that as of May 2022 Director does NOT currently support 16-bit channels, so currently this will only benefit users using 3rd party software.  This support will be added in a future release.