Wireless Trigger 2 Output

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Control up to 2 props from up to 500 feet away.

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Wireless Trigger 2 Output
Wireless Trigger 2 Output

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    Compared to many less-expensive remotes, these units are more durable and flexible. The remotes are sturdier with nice large buttons. The base stations are completely programmable. Multiple remotes can be used with one base station, or multiple base stations can be controlled with one remote. Buttons are easily assigned to base station outputs by holding the button on the back of the base station, and then tapping the appropriate button on the remote.

    The Wireless Trigger Module is the perfect way for an actor to trigger up to two devices. The module has two relay outputs with normally-open and normally-closed contacts. BooBoxes, or any other device that can be triggered from a contact closure can now be activated wirelessly.

    Power Supply (Please Read)

    The wireless trigger does NOT include a power supply by default. If it's being used with one of our controllers you can "borrow" power from the controller's power supply at the Trigger terminal block. If you are using it for another application that can not provide 12 or 24 volts, you will need to add the optional supply.

    Check the Pigtail box if you want a Power Supply Pigtail. The pigtail will allow you to easily connect the power supply to the terminal blocks on the wireless trigger. Otherwise, you can just cut the ends off and screw them in.


    • 1 x Base Station with 2 Relays
    • 1 x Remote Transmitter
    • Manual


    • Input Voltage: 9 - 24V AC or DC
    • Frequency: 315MHz
    • Range: Up to 500 feet (with no obstacles)

    Downloads and Documentation


    Operating Manual      Download
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