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DIN Rail
DIN Rail

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    DIN Rail

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    35mm DIN Rail available in various lengths

    Many of our products can be mounted to DIN rail by purchasing separate DIN rail clips.  Not all products are compatible yet.  See the list below.
    PicoBoo MP3 on DIN Rail

    Compatible Products

    Use the table below to determine what length of DIN rail you'll need, as well as what clips will be required.

    Product Length Required Clips
    PicoBoo ONE, PicoTalk 3.0 inches (76mm) DIN Rail Clips
    PicoVolt/PicoServo 3.8 inches (97mm) DIN Rail Clips
    PicoBoo JR, PicoBoo, PicoBoo PLUS, PicoBoo MP3 5.4 inches (137mm) DIN Rail Clips
    EscapeKeeper 5.4 inches (137mm)

    DIN Rail Clips

    Power Injector 1.4 inches (36mm)

    DIN Rail Clips

    Patch Panel 2.4 inches (61mm)

    DIN Rail Clips

    Output Expander 2.9 inches (74mm)

    DIN Rail Clips

    Flex 4.5 inches (114mm)

    SnapTrack &
    SnapTrack Clips

    FlexMax 7.0 inches (178mm)

    SnapTrack &
    SnapTrack Clips

    ServoDMX 3.2 inches (81mm)

    DIN Rail Clip (72mm) (need 2)

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