Fog Machine Remote Cable

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Activate a fog machine from one of our controllers


This 9 foot cable allows you to control your fog machine from a PicoBoo or Flex/FlexMax without having to hack up the original remote.  Some newer fog machines have switched to a 5 pin low-voltage cable, so check your fogger first to make sure the remote plug looks the same.

If you want to use this with a solid-state output like the ones on our Flex or FlexMax, you'll need to have a relay between the controller and this cable. 


Spirit and VEI use the green and white wires to trigger fog.  Those would need to into the C and NO contacts of the relay.


For other manufacturers you can open up their remote and determine which color wires go to the button, then connect those two wires to the C/NO contacts on the relay.  Note, be sure to tape up the unused wire as it might output high voltage.


If the colors don't match, or you have a volt meter ...

  1. Set it to continuity test mode where it beeps when you touch the leads together.  Or if you don't have that set it to resistance / ohms.  When the leads touch together it should read near 0 ohms.
  2. Using your original remote, find the two prongs on the end of the plug that cause the meter to beep or say near 0 ohms when the fog switch is pressed.  Confirm the meter does NOT beep when the fog button is not pushed.
  3. Now using the new fog cable, find which two wires are connected to those same two prongs.
  4. Connect those two wires to C and NO on the relay.  Be sure to tape up the other wire as the fog machine might output high voltage on that wire.

Length: 9 feet 

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