IO Expander

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- Adds 8 inputs and 8 outputs to a Flex 2 or any FlexMax
- Use 3 to add up to 24 inputs and 24 outputs to a FlexMax 2

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IO Expander
IO Expander

In stock



    The IO Expander has 8 optically-isolated inputs and 8 solid-state outputs.  Use it to add more I/O to a Flex 2 or FlexMax.  It also has a port that communicates with an RFID board capable of reading up to 8 RFID antennas.


    Solid-State Outputs

    Each output can handle up to 1.5 amps.  The outputs will output the same voltage that powers the device, which can be 12 or 24 VDC.  This power is usually borrowed from the terminal blocks of the master Flex or FlexMax if convenient.  Four of the outputs can be used as PWM outputs to dim LEDs or small lights.  The 8 outputs are also brought out to a 10 pin connector that can connect to our Quad Relay Board or AC Relay Packs.


    Optically-Isolated Inputs

    The inputs are separated into two groups of optically-isolated inputs just like they are on a FlexMax.


    Maximum Inputs / Outputs

    Any Flex 2 model with 8 outputs can handle one IO Expander for a total of 10 inputs and 16 outputs.  Any FlexMax can handle up to three IO Expanders for a total of 32 inputs and 40 outputs.  See the table below for the total inputs and outputs you'll have as IO Expanders are added.

    Maximum Inputs/Outputs Table
      Total Inputs Total Outputs
    Flex 2    
    - 1 IO Expander 10 16
    FlexMax or FlexMax 2
    - 1 IO Expander 16 24
    - 2 IO Expanders 24 32
    - 3 IO Expanders 32 40


    DMX Interface

    The IO Expander communicates with the master controller via the DMX interface.  DMX is normally a one-way interface which does not allow slaves to send data like inputs back to the master.  To accomplish this we use DMX manufacturer packets in between DMX frames.  This is a valid technique as per the DMX spec, and almost all devices will ignore these, but there are a few fixtures that get confused and flicker.  For that reason we have a dedicated EXP port on the FlexMax 2 that contains these packets, where the DMX OUT port does not.

    The DMX Interface conforms to the DMX over CAT5 standard which makes it easy to connect these to our Flex 2, FlexMax 2, ServoDMX, or more IO Expanders with a simple CAT5/6 cable.  Use a lightweight cable that is not thick and stiff so you don't strain the connectors.


    RFID Expansion

    We offer an RFID board that can read up to 8 RFID antennas and 8 RFID tags.  Each antenna can detect any of the tags.  Behaviors can be created in the master Flex or FlexMax that allow you to create complex puzzles that react differently based on which tag is detected at which antenna, if the number of tags changes, etc.  You can even use variables to track the status of tags, allowing RFID objects to gain or lose properties as players use them.



    - 1 x IO Expander
    - 2 x Mounting Feet


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