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    - Now with Two Trigger Inputs
    - Works with Linear Actuators
    - Adjusts motor speed or light intensity
    - Create life-like movement of motors or lighting effects

    The PicoVolt allows you to precisely control the speed and direction of a DC motor or Linear Actuator. Keep the motor at any constant speed, or create up to two animations you can loop or play from trigger inputs. It can also be used to loop or trigger simple lighting effects on low voltage DC lights or LEDs.

    Two Trigger Inputs

    Record up to 85 seconds of motor or light animation per input. Connect the inputs to any standard sensor, button, or switch, and the PicoVolt will play your animation back on command.

    Having the second input is especially useful for Linear Actuators. One input could be used to raise the actuator, another to lower it. It's also useful in Escape Room applications, you can set it up so one input is triggered by a sensor in the room and the other input is a hidden reset button used to reset the prop.

    Of course simply looping animation for an ambient prop is still possible. If desired, the second input could be used to interrupt or pause the ambient animation. Our selection of triggers can be seen here.

    Motor Parking

    The PicoVolt can read the internal park switch of many wiper motors to determine its home position. The PicoVolt can then bring your motor back to that position at the end of the animation. It can let it coast to a stop, or stop it instantly using the brake output mode. Make sure your motor has a park wire if you want to use this option.

    LED Lighting Control

    The PicoVolt also has an LED lighting mode that allows you to easily program any lighting effect. Loop the effect, or play it only when triggered.

    Escape Room Friendly

    The new PicoVolt is Escape Room ready. It can be setup so it only runs once per game, maybe to open a door or secret compartment when a certain puzzle is solved. The second input can be used to reset it, closing the door and allowing it to be triggered again.

    If you don't need or want to worry about resetting it, you can bypass the reset input and the PicoVolt will operate in a single-shot mode. In this mode it only runs the animation once per trigger. For example, you might want some animation to run when a sensor detects an object is moved, but only once. The single-shot mode prevents looping and automatically re-arms the trigger once the object is replaced.

    Input Modes

    The PicoVolt has five different input modes. The modes allow you to set inputs as interruptible, to only run once, or so they work with normally-closed triggers. Some modes are good for haunt applications, some for escape rooms, and some for generic applications.

    A brief description of each input mode is shown below.

    • Default - Both inputs are normally-open and not interruptible.
    • Input 2 Interruptible - Input 2 is interruptible by input 1.
    • Inputs 1 & 2 Interruptible - Both inputs are interruptible by the other.
    • Run Once with Reset - Input 1 is single-shot and can only run once until input 2 is pulsed to reset. Input 2 can be jumpered so the manual reset is not necessary.
    • Run Once with Reset Normally-Closed - Same as above except for use with normally-closed sensors.

    Output Modes

    The PicoVolt has five different output modes. The output behaves slightly different in each mode.

    A brief description of each output mode is shown below. See the Quick Start at the bottom of the page for more information.

    • Default - Use this mode to control the speed and direction of a DC Motor or Linear Actuator.
    • Transition - Same as above except with gentle transitions at the beginning and end of each scene to prevent abrupt movements.
    • Park - Use this mode with a parking motor to always start and stop in the same position.
    • Park / Brake - Same as Park except the motor will be stopped quickly instead of allowed to coast to a stop.
    • Light Mode - For controlling low voltage bulbs or LEDs.

    Power Supply

    The PicoVolt must be powered by a 12 volt DC power supply. The wattage you need depends on what you're controlling. Pretty much all wiper motor applications will require at least the 60 watt power supply. Most linear actuators will require a 10 amp power supply. Most LED setups will be fine with the 12 watt supply, however larger ones may need more. Add up the wattage of all your LED lights and make sure the power supply you choose has a wattage at least that high.


    The PicoVolt has a write protection mechanism that helps prevent accidental or unwanted program changes.


    PicoVolt Basics and Introduction

    Transition Mode

    Park Mode

    Light Mode

    Linear Actuators / Two Inputs

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