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PicoBoo AC Kit

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    The picoBoo FI-105s is the easiest to use halloween prop controller on the planet. For the first time ever we are bundling this amazing controller together with everything you need to create your own custom scare.

    The kit includes a picoBoo controller to control the scare, a sensor to trigger it, and a speaker to give it a voice. All you need to supply is a sound and a few things to turn off and on in sync with your sound. Popular choices are pneumatic valves, small motors, lights, the list goes on. Pretty much anything that can be plugged into a wall outlet can controlled by the picoBoo FI-105s.

    For example, you're hosting this year's halloween party and want to spook your friends. Rig up the bathroom with a light, a small fan, and this picoBoo Kit. Put a small fan behind the shower curtain with the picoBoo and the speaker. Program the picoBoo to keep the light on while it waits for its victim. When the victim enters, the PIR sensor detects their presence and alerts the picoBoo. The picoBoo waits a few seconds for them to close the door and get comfortable. Then it shuts the light off making the room pitch black. The fan behind the show curtain turns on moving the curtains, while at the same time raising the hairs on the victims arms. Then a voice starts to whisper from the speaker .. "Hello ... is someone there?"


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