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    Mount controllers and relays boards neatly or to DIN rail using SnapTrack.
    Are you a neat freak? Tired of spending so much time mounting controls so they look straight and square? Use SnapTrack!

    How's it Work?

    All our "Boo" products are designed to snap easily into standard 2.75" SnapTrack. Simply mount the track and then snap in your controls. SnapTrack can be screwed directly to a flat surface or mounted to DIN Rail if you also purchase the clips.

    Available in 4", 6", 12", and 24" lengths from us, or 48" lengths from other vendors (see below). It can be easily cut to shorter lengths with a mitre saw.

    Note: The metal DIN rail shown in some pictures above is not included. You can purchase it from one of the vendors listed below.

    What Length?

    See the list below for the widths of our SnapTrack-compatible products. Add up the inches to see what length you need.

    • Flex 206s - 4.5 inches
    • FlexMax 216s - 7 inches
    • Flex 206 (no 's' model) - 4.1 inches
    • FlexMax 216 (no 's' model) - 6.5 inches
    • PicoBoo Max - 7 inches
    • BooTunes - 4.1 inches (4 inch snaptrack works fine)
    • BooTunes Amped - 4.1 inches (4 inch snaptrack works fine)
    • Single Relay Board - 1.15 inches
    • Quad Relay Board - 2.9 inches

    Want it Cheaper?

    DIN Rail and SnapTrack can be purchased in longer lengths at the links below. SnapTrack (48 inch length, easily cut): Digi-Key / Mouser
    SnapTrack DIN Rail Clips: Digi-Key / Mouser
    DIN Rail (1 Meter length): Digi-Key / Mouser
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