Full Motion Character

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- Full Motion Head
- New Plug and Play mode!
- RGB LED Eyes move Left and Right
- Can also be controlled via DMX
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Full Motion Character
Full Motion Character

In stock


    Full-Motion Characters ship in a "Plug and Play" mode so you just need to provide audio. If you prefer to script all movements you can optionally control them via DMX.

    Custom Skull Design

    The Full-Motion Character platform was developed to provide a wide range of movement at a reasonable cost.

    Plug and Play Mode

    The Full-Motion Characters ship with our ServoDMX controller. The controller has already been calibrated to the character and setup in a "Plug and Play" mode. Simply plug the included 3.5mm (1/8") audio cable into an audio source and it'll come to life. You can easily adjust the amount of random movement, eye color, or audio sensitivty.

    Note that in this mode the vocal track needs to be in the left or right audio channel all by itself. Any sound effects or music must be in the opposite channel.

    DMX Control

    The Full-Motion Skulls can also be fully controlled via DMX. This allows one or more characters to be part of a show where every movement is scripted and synced with a soundtrack. A DMX controller would also allow you to control pneumatics, lighting, atmospheric effects, and more.

    If you don't have a DMX source, adding the items below to your order would give you everything you need.


    The full motion skull has a 3/8" shaft coupling about an inch below the skull's center plate. The coupling is designed to receive a 3/8" shaft of some kind, threaded or un-threaded. You must provide this rod. The coupling is secured to the rod by some set screws you can tighten with an Allen key.

    Character Bodies

    Custom bodies are available for some models. These must be purchased separately and can be seen here.


    Our Full Motion Characters ship with the following items:


    A video from our customer Kyle Ashby

    Plug and Play Mode

    Full Motion Skull DMX Setup

    ServoDMX Intro

    Downloads and Documentation


    ServoDMX Manual      Download
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