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Head Turn Character
Head Turn Character

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    Head Turn Character

    As low as $589.99

    In stock


    - Head Turns Left and Right
    - Mouth moves to Audio Signal
    - LED Eyes move Left and Right
    - Intelligent Random Movement
    - Easy to setup, just add Audio
    Usually ships in 1 week

    Popular skulls are in stock and ready to ship. However, some configurations will be built-to-order and ship 2-4 days after the order is placed.
    No programming required. Just add audio and this talking skull will come to life, moving it's mouth, head, and eyes as if it had risen from the dead.

    Real-Time Mouth Control

    The PicoTalk included inside the talking skull listens carefully to the audio and moves the servo in sync to make the character look like it’s doing the talking. No programming or specially encoded audio track required.

    Moving LED Eyes

    Does your current skull have staring problems? These skulls come with eyes that randomly look around, moving occasionally when the skull is quiet, and frequently when it's talking.

    The LED eyes can be set to stay on, throb to the voice, or fade on when the character talks and out when it stops.

    Head Turn

    Like the moving eyes, the head will turn occasionally as the character talks. It's random, but it's smart about it, moving the eyes and head in the same direction so it looks natural.

    The speed and amount of head-turn is completely adjustable.

    Custom Skull Design

    This is not a standard Bucky skull. Our skulls have been reworked to allow a clean installation of the internal hardware. And at almost one quarter the weight of the competition, these skulls are easier on the servos, and easier for you to install.

    No Lonely Skeletons

    Were you an only child? Did you grow up lonely and alone? Don't let your talking skull endure the same pain - buy two! You can craft a stereo audio track with one voice in each channel so they can chat, talk, or argue.

    Easy Setup

    Our talking skulls come completely ready to use. But if you'd like to change the amount of movement of the eyes, head, or sensitivity of the mouth, just lift the hood and turn the dial.

    • Mouth servo open and closed limits
    • Mouth servo speed
    • Eye servo left and right limits
    • Head turn servo left and right limits
    • Head turn maximum speed
    • Audio sensitivity
    • LED Brightness and behavior


    The head-turn skull has a 3/8" shaft coupling about an inch below the skull's center plate. The coupling is designed to receive a 3/8" shaft of some kind, threaded or un-threaded. You must provide this rod. The coupling is secured to the rod by some set screws you can tighten with an Allen key.

    Character Bodies

    Custom bodies are available for some models. These must be purchased separately and can be seen here.


    Our talking skulls ship with the following items:


    New for 2024

    Talking Skull Demo

    PicoTalk Quick Programming

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    Skull Manual      Download
    PicoTalk Manual      Download
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