Director Composer

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An external control surface for our Director software.
Use the Director Composer with our free Director software to animate large or complex shows with ease.

Analog Outputs

Using your mouse to move sliders on a virtual console can become tedious for large or complex shows. The Director Composer allows you to control those analog outputs using the on board sliders. Use the sliders to easily adjust the brightness and color of DMX lights, amount of fog, or positions of your servos. Hold the shift key and tap the button above the slider to enable or disable it for recording.

Digital Outputs

The Director Composer lets you easily manipulate up to 64 digital outputs at a time. The backlit buttons show clearly which outputs are enabled for recording, and which ones are turned on in the current frame of animation. To enable or disable an output for recording just hold the shift key and tap the button.

Show Control

Use the scene control buttons on the right side to control the show. You can start and stop playback or recording, go back to the start of the scene, or undo the last change, all without touching your mouse or keyboard.

Requires a USB port. Includes cable.

Downloads and Documentation


Operating Manual      Download
Operating Manual (previous model)      Download


Director Software      Download
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