DMX Cable (CAT5 to Wires)

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- Connect a CAT5 DMX device to a Flex or FlexMax

This cable is used to connect a CAT5 DMX device, such as a ServoDMX, to the DMX terminal block outputs on a Flex or FlexMax. If you are connecting more than one ServoDMX to the same controller you only need one of these cables. Additional ServoDMX can be linked together using a standard CAT5 Cable.

You can also make your own by cutting off one end of a CAT5 cable and connecting the wires to the controller as follows:

- Brown / Brown White Pair to Flex/FlexMax pin 1
- Orange wire to Flex/FlexMax pin 2
- Orange-White wire to Flex/FlexMax pin 3
- All other wires are not connected.

Length: 10 ft

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