Solid-State AC Relay

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Use this 40 amp AC relay to switch high current AC loads with the highest reliability.
This relay will allow you to reliably control up to a 40 amp load from a BooBox or PicoBoo controller. The 3-32 VDC input voltage allows it to be connected easily to any of our controllers.

BooBoxes or PicoBoo ONE

Our BooBox controllers can output half an amp at 12 or 24 volts DC. If the current you need to control is higher than that, or the voltage is different, you'll need an external relay. Our single relay board is fine for most applications, but if you need to control more than 10 amps, or don't want to worry about a mechanical relay wearing out, this is a good option.


Most of our PicoBoo controllers have relays that can handle 10 amps at up to 120VAC. If you need to control more than 10 amps then this relay is a good option.


Solid-state relays do get hot when they are turned on and conducting currents greater than a few amps. Plan to install it in a metal box with a flat surface so the heat of the relay can be dissipated by the metal box. If you'll be pushing currents more than 20 amps for more than a few minutes at a time then an aluminum box would be a good option.


  • Control Voltage Range: 3 to 32VDC
  • Load Voltage Rating: 380 VAC
  • Load Current Rating: 40 A
  • Output Device: AC Output
  • Mounting Style: Panel
  • Relay Type: Solid State
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