Sprite Trigger Interface

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- Trigger up to 8 videos
- Optically Isolated

Trigger up to 8 separate videos using this interface. Compatible with PIRs, buttons, sensors and any controller capable of outputting 9 to 24 volts.

An external power supply suitable for your sensors will be required if sensors are used. With buttons, an external power supply or even a 9 volt battery would work fine. When interfacing with a controller, power can be borrowed from the controller's power supply.

All 8 inputs are optically-isolated, which prevents interference and voltage transients caused by nearby motors, solenoids, and relays from damaging the Sprite. This also makes it easy to reliably interface the Sprite to other control systems as ground loops and noise from external power supplies are eliminated.

The player will loop file 000 when idle. Once an input is activated the Sprite will transition seamlessly to the triggered video file without any glitches or black frames. Once the triggered video is finished it will return to the 000 file if present.


  • Sprite Trigger Interface Board
  • Manual


  • Input Voltage: 9 - 24V AC or DC

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