BooBox Accessories

Output Accessories for our BooBox Controllers
  1. LED Resistors

    LED Resistors

    As low as: $0.29

    Use a resistor if you need to connect a 12 volt LED to a BooBox running at 24 volts.
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  2. Solid-State AC Relay

    Solid-State AC Relay


    Use this 40 amp AC relay to switch high current AC loads with the highest reliability.
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  3. SD Cards

    SD Cards


    SD Cards for use with our products
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  4. 12 VDC Version

    AC Relay Pack Adapter

    From: $14.99

    To: $19.99

    SRP8 Relay Pack Adapter
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  5. AC Relay Pack

    AC Relay Pack

    From: $74.98

    To: $79.98

    AC Relay Pack with BooBox Cable
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  6. DMX Gender Changer

    DMX Gender Changer


    - Use to capture DMX from another source
    - 3 Pin Male
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  7. DMX Cable (CAT5 to Wires)

    DMX Cable (CAT5 to Wires)


    - Connect a CAT5 DMX device to a Flex or FlexMax
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  8. Solid-State Driver Chip

    Solid-State Driver Chip


    Extra driver chip for your BooBox Flex, FlexMax, or BooBox 8's solid-state outputs.
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  9. Relay in Socket

    Relay with Socket

    As low as: $16.99

    Connect to a solid-state output to control up to 220V 10 amps. Learn More
  10. SnapTrack


    As low as: $5.99

    Mount controllers and relays boards neatly or to DIN rail using SnapTrack.
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  11. Front

    Relay Board (Single)


    Connect to a solid-state output to control up to 220V 10 amps. Snaps into SnapTrack for easy mounting. Learn More
  12. SnapTrack DIN Rail Clips

    SnapTrack DIN Rail Clips


    Mount SnapTrack to DIN rail with these clips. Learn More
  13. Relay Board (Quad)

    Relay Board (Quad)


    Add four or eight 10 amp relays to your BooBox 4, Flex, or FlexMax. Snaps into SnapTrack for easy mounting. Learn More
  14. Fog remote cable

    Fog Machine Remote Cable


    Activate a fog machine from one of our controllers
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  15. Bottom

    AC Relay Pack Cable


    LC-4SP or LC-8SP Relay Pack Adapter
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  16. DMX Dimmer Pack 4

    DMX Dimmer Pack 4


    Easily add four dimmable AC outlets to a BooBox.
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  17. DMX Cable for BooBox

    DMX Cable for BooBox


    Easily connect any DMX device to your BooBox 8.
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  18. USB Card Reader

    USB Card Reader


    Read and write to any type of flash card
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  19. CAT5 Cable

    CAT5 Cable

    As low as: $9.99

    Connect CAT5 DMX devices together or replace your ScareMaster cable. Available in 10 and 25 foot lengths.
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